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Director | Editor

La Ruota Pizzeria  - 60 second spot .                                                                               2017

FRASE -SHE SAID ft. DEAD HORSE BEATS.  Music video.                                 2017

SlopeDeck | Surf the Back Yard.                                                                                        2017



Freeride Entertainment & Red Bull Canada

Keep Your Tips Up

Teaser.                                                                                                                                      2016

Canadian Backcountry | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E2

Pettit Family Vacation | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E5

Spring is in the Air | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E6

The Lost Rider | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E8 (Season Finale)

On Any Sunday- The Next Chapter Bonus Scenes

Travis Pastrana POV Ride Through His Private Compound.                                        2016

The History of Red Bull Rampage Told by Darren Berrecloth.                                     2016

The History of Red Bull Rampage with Kyle Strait.                                                         2015

Co Editor

Freeride Entertainment

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR vs Finale, Ligure.                                                                  2016

Freeride Entertainment & Red Bull 

Red Bull Presents- A History Of Rampage.                                                                    2015 

Assistant Editor 

Freeride Entertainment & Red Bull 

Red Bull - The Unrideables: Alaska Range.                                                                       2013 

Life Behind Bars S2.                                                                                                              2013  

Red Bull Signature Series - Rampage FULL TV EPISODE 

Road to Rampage S2 .                                                                                                          2014

What the Progression of Freeride MTB Looks Like: Rampage 2016 Recap.              2015      


Season 1 .                                                                                                                                  2015

Digital Imaging  Technician

Wings Over Washington - Virtual Reality Flying Ride // Seattle, WA.                        2016

Freeride Entertainment & Red Bull

Movie Magic | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E7.                                                                          2016

Red Bull Ride theTatshenshini 3 Generations.                                                                  2016

Post Production Assistant

Freeride Entertainment & Red Bull 

On Any Sunday- The Next Chapter.                                                                                 2013  


  Ever since Alex was young, He's had a passion for digital arts, working with his brother Corby Martin they would make annual films with their friends snowboarding, skateboarding and biking.


Alex enrolled in the digital arts program at Selkirk college and with that he had the opportunity to work with the talented people of freeride-entertainment.

Alex is devoted to putting his skills and innovation as well as his experience to work with new clients. He is coming up with magnificent ideas that will really impress. If you want to make something great, contact Alex, and work on the next innovation in digital entertainment.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada


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